“NAAAAAHHHHHH!!! I ain’t rolling with that call” – LeBron James is flabbergasted at controversial call in Caitlin Clark – Paige Bueckers showdown

LeBron James reacts to a controversial call in the NCAA Final Four game involving Caitlin Clark and Paige BueckersLeBron James reacts to a controversial call in the NCAA Final Four game involving Caitlin Clark and Paige Bueckers

With a trip to the women’s NCAA Tournament Finals at stake, the Caitlin Clark – Paige Bueckers showdown took a game-changing turn.

The controversial play didn’t even involve the two superstars who badly wanted to lead their respective teams to victory. An offensive foul called on UConn’s Aaliyah Edwards against Iowa’s Gabbie Marshall sealed the game for the Hawkeyes.

With Iowa leading 70-69, Edwards set a screen for Bueckers on the right side of the court. Marshall, who was chasing UConn’s star player, sold the call by flailing once contact with Edwards happened.

The turnover all but ended the Huskies’ chance of getting the win as there were only 3.9 seconds left in the game.

LeBron James promptly reacted to the call on X, formerly Twitter: “NAAAAAHHHHHH!!! I ain’t rolling with that call.”

In a game that was as close as it could get, an offensive foul called off the ball was always going to be controversial. Many in the stadium roared in disapproval while probably half of the fans shouted in excitement.

LeBron James was part of the throng, although he was not in Cleveland, who disagreed with the offensive foul. The LA Lakers superstar and fans watching at home had the benefit of the replay, something the referee did not.

Marshall has to be credited for emphasizing the play. Otherwise, Paige Bueckers might have gotten a clean shot as Aaliyah Edwards’ screen cleared the closest defender.

Huskies coach Geno Auriemma’s agony lept out of the screen when the offensive foul was called. It was a play that likely cost them the game. They would have possibly lived with a Bueckers miss, and will undoubtedly find the referee’s decision tough to swallow.

Caitlin Clark’s Iowa Hawkeyes now go to the NCAA Tournament Finals while Paige Bueckers’ UConn Huskies will go home in a heartbreaking manner. The Huskies could only rue what might have been had the controversial call not happened.

Caitlin Clark and Co. will face the No. 1 South Carolina Gamecocks in the championship game in a rematch of last year’s semis, won by the Hawkeyes.

LeBron James and basketball fans got the action they expected in the Caitlin Clark – Paige Bueckers showdown

The Iowa Hawkeyes versus UConn Huskies showdown featuring their respective superstars Caitlin Clark and Paige Bueckers lived up to the hype.

In a game pitting two National Player of the Year awardees, LeBron James and basketball fans around the world got the action they anticipated.

UConn made life difficult for Clark with an all-out defensive plan. Huskies coach Geno Auriemma demanded his troops to swarm arguably women’s basketball’s deadliest scorer. The ploy worked as Clark struggled for most of the first half.

Subsequently, Iowa gave Paige Bueckers the same attention that the Huskies poured on Clark.

The Hawkeyes’ defense chased her nearly the full length of the floor and doubled her whenever she got the ball. How both teams tried to contain the two stars was riveting for fans to witness.

LeBron James appreciates basketball in so many ways. On Friday night, he and thousands of fans were treated to a slam-bang action-filled contest that will likely be remembered more for the controversial call that decided it.

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