NCAA accused of making horrible mistake with Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese amid controversy

The Iowa Hawkeyes, recent champions of the Big Ten Tournament, are facing a challenging road to the Final Four in the upcoming NCAA Women’s Tournament.

With a potentially tough matchup against No. 4 seed Kansas State in the Sweet 16 and the possibility of facing No. 2 UCLA or No. 3 LSU in the Elite Eight, the Hawkeyes have a daunting path ahead.

NCAA accused of making horrible mistake with Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese amid controversy

Fox Sports analyst Jason McIntyre criticized the Selection Committee for what he perceives as a “horrible” mistake in their bracketing.

South Carolina fan openly types racist texts about Angel Reese teammate Flau’jae Johnson

“I can’t believe the clueless women’s committee made LSU a 3 seed … and then put them in Caitlin Clark’s bracket??? Horrible job.

Insanely dumb. If Caitlin Clark loses before the F4, replace the entire committee,” he wrote.

“Yes, give Caitlin Clark the Duke treatment. She’s actually bigger than Duke was in their prime given what she does for interest.

If she goes down in the Elite 8, the Final 4 – which will still have great talent – because WAY less interesting.”

Fans awaiting to see a rematch

Many are eager to see a rematch between Iowa and LSU, but the expectation was for it to occur in the Final Four rather than earlier in the tournament.

The NCAA Women’s Tournament is scheduled to commence next weekend.

The 2023 NCAA championship game between the Iowa Hawkeyes and LSU Tigers broke viewership records, attracting an average of 9.9 million viewers.

Clark and Reese contributed to the high viewership with their star performances and on-court rivalry, including Reese’s memorable gesture towards Clark.

In the championship game, Reese and the Tigers secured a decisive 102-85 victory over Clark and the Hawkeyes, claiming the championship trophy.

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