Paige Bueckers compared to Shedeur Sanders for making bizarre decision about her future

The University of Connecticut star decided to hold off on becoming a pro for another year.

Paige Bueckers compared to Shedeur Sanders for making bizarre decision about her future

Basketball fans have been left scratching their heads as the University of Connecticut Huskies’ (UConn) Paige Bueckers has decided to spend another year in college instead of heading to the WNBA, earning comparisons to Shedeur Sanders, and here’s why…

Both of them could have entered the 2024 Drafts for their respective sports of American Football and basketball but they have both chosen to pass up the chance to go pro early as the NCAA simply offers them a better opportunity at the moment.

Many talents have left college to go to the WNBA, such as Angel Reese, Caitlin Clark and Cameron Brink and so it was a surprise when Bueckers did not join them although the reason is fair. She is concerned about pay and her own development.

Bueckers has good sponsorships in the NCAA through the Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) program with companies such as Dunkin Donuts, Nike, Bose and Gatorade and it earned her $600,000 throughout 2023 alone.

That’s 10 times the salary for a second overall pick in the WNBA meaning that if she steps up, when Clark will be selected as the first pick, she is potentially giving up an awful lot of money.

The 22-year-old, who is now relatively old for a college player, had suffered serious through her college career and missed a lot of basketball time and development time so as a result, the extra year might do her good as she only returned for the 2023/24 season.

It also ended in big disappointment as UConn were eliminated by a non-shooting violation meaning it would be a bitter end to her time in the NCAA so she may simply want to sign off on a good note.

Sanders will also stay in the NCAA

The desire to end his career on a good note is also something pursued by Sanders as his father, Coach Prime, promised him a new offense at the Colorado Buffaloes in collegiate American Football.

His 2023/24 season was impressive, but the main concern was the lack of protection he had from his offensive linesman as he was sacked the most times of anyone else in the league showing that despite his talent, he couldn’t use it to the max.

That translated from a 3-0 start to a 4-8 finish as the Buffaloes simply lost their form.

So, Sanders will stay for an extra year to show everyone what he is actually made of and to end his time in college on a good note.

Sanders also has a high NIL and if he goes to the NFL, when he becomes a small fish in a big pond again, he will lose a lot of that money and will have to start over. Why would he not take an extra year earning millions?

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