Paige Bueckers Pokes Fun at Special Guest Aaliyah Edwards As She Throws Her First Pitch

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In an epic turn of events, Aaliyah Edwards has finally picked up a ball for Washington.

However, it was not a basketball. As she was invited to throw the first pitch by the Washington Nationals, her former teammate Paige Bueckers dropped some love.

However, in the classic Bueckers style, the love also came with some laughs as she penned down a humorous note on the entire incident.

The game was played tonight at the Nationals Park in DC and Edwards got to show her skills. Or did she? Paige Bueckers took to her Instagram stories to share her views on Aaliyah Edwards making the first pitch for the Nationals.

She captioned her story saying, “Almost got it there Li,” followed by a laughing emoji. Certainly, as good as Edwards is at basketball, Bueckers believes she needs more work on her baseball skills.

While UConn’s top gun did not approve of the pitch, the Mystics rookie thought it was very good for a first try. In the video shared by the Nationals’ official Instagram page, Edwards commented on her display. She said, “What’s up y’all, I’m in the Nats Park. Love DC so far. It’s my first game, also threw my first pitch. I think I did pretty well. Super happy to be here. Don’t miss this.”

The UConn phenom also got to meet Joey Gallo after the play. They also clicked a handful of photos together with Aaliyah Edwards showing off her basketball jersey with the Mystics and Gallo with her baseball jersey.

Talking about UConn’s phenom, Bueckers had been a constant support for her teammates, as was visible through her actions.

Paige Bueckers hyped up Aaliyah and Nika Muhl

The Mystics selected Aaliyah Edwards as the sixth overall pick in the 2024 WNBA draft. On the other hand, Geno Auriemma’s secret weapon to stop Caitlin Clark from scoring in their Final Four matchup, Nika Muhl, kept sliding down the first round. The Seattle Storm finally called out her name as the 14th overall pick.

While the two players were also happy about their selections, especially Muhl, who will now follow in Sue Bird’s steps, there were Huskies cheering for them.

Paige Bueckers and Azzi Fudd showed up at the BMA to celebrate the success of their former teammates.

The always-energized Husky also shared some glimpses with her Instagram and TikTok family. She also added videos alongside Fudd grooving to the latest hip hop trends.

It is so refreshing to see that UConn culture is being passed on to the WNBA through these immaculate players. And they are not just displaying their skills on a basketball court but even a baseball field.

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