Paige Bueckers’ UConn News Makes Teammates KK Arnold and Ice Brady Hysterical in Viral TikTok

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The contributions of Paige Bueckers to UConn’s basketball program need no validation. Despite an injury-stricken career, the 6 ft point guard stands strong and refuses to let the setbacks affect her commitments. Perhaps this is why she decided to make the most of her college basketball time by suspending her draft options this year.

Anyhow, this decision came as a delight not only for her fans but also to the other Huskies. This was evident in a comical portrayal that involves Bueckers with two of her teammates KK Arnold and Ice Brady.

The supporters of Paige Bueckers breathed a sigh of relief as soon as they found out that she would spend her 5th year with the 11x national champions.

This was perfectly put up by these three talented stars in their recent TikTok video. The three of them are enjoying a meal at a restaurant when Arnolds and Brady go ahead and ask whether she will be coming back next year.

To which, Bueckers wasted no time and confirmed her return for a consecutive 5th year. Following this, both the ballers displayed a series of ecstatic reactions further expressing what this development means to them.

Earlier on UConn’s Senior Night celebration, the 2021 National Player Of The Year revealed that she will return as a senior next year. Moreover, the 22-year-old still has two years of eligibility left.

In the meantime, the redshirt junior reflected on what kind of legacy she wanted with the Huskies.

How does Paige Bueckers want fans to remember her?

Bueckers was the latest guest on the Overtime podcast. During the interview, she shed some light on her future legacy at UConn:

“I mean somebody that just poured their everything into the program. I would do anything for the program and anything they ask or need of me I wanna do that and also my legacy off the court like giving back to the community. I’m super proud to wear the UConn jersey and I want my play and my efforts and everything that I do to show that.”

In addition to this, Bueckers also expressed her desire to be a national champion with the Huskies. She further added, “I wanna be known as a winner and just a great teammate and God willing a national champion.”

The return of Bueckers is a huge boost for Geno Auriemma and the rest. The way she has carried the team in spite of so many injured players is a testament to what she is capable of.

Now, a hopeful return of Azzi Fudd next season will do wonders for this prestigious basketball program.

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