Raking In $3.5 Million From NIL Deals, Caitlin Clark Could See Over 97 Percent Drop in Earnings After WNBA Draft

Even before becoming a pro, Caitlin Clark has carved a pathway to becoming a millionaire.

As per recent estimates, in 2024, the Iowa Hawkeyes guard is earning $3.5 million through her NIL deals with 11 companies including Nike and Gatorade.

How Much Does Caitlin Clark Make from NIL Deals? Taking a Look at What Brands are Offering the Iowa Star Endorsements

Considering her immense NIL valuation, she is fourth in the list of highest-paid athletes through these deals. As per On3, only Bronny James, Shedeur Sanders, and Olivia Dunne are ahead of her.

Her current trajectory has been built in the last couple of years as her stock among the NCAA women’s guards kept peaking.

Considering her incredible four-year collegiate career, it wasn’t surprising when she declared for the 2024 WNBA Draft. In an interview with ESPN, she explained why she took the decision.

Raking In $3.5 Million From NIL Deals, Caitlin Clark Could See Over 97 Percent Drop in Earnings After WNBA Draft

However, the money game in the WNBA has continued to be watered down.

According to ESPN, Caitlin Clark is currently projected to go #1 in the upcoming 2024 WNBA Draft.

As per Sportrac, the maximum rookie scale contract for the top four picks in the WNBA draft without bonuses is $76,535 for the first year.

If we consider that she is already making $3.5 million through NIL deals, her initial NBA salary will be a big 97% drop from her current earnings.

Even with bonuses, it wouldn’t come close. If she makes the WNBA Rookie of the Year, she will receive a bonus of $5,150. In case of a WNBA All-Star berth, her bonus will be $2,575.

Despite such a drop-off, the Hawkeyes guard seems to have no issues with money.

Caitlin Clark is not fretting over WNBA contract

While there are fears of Clark’s popularity waning once she turns pro, the 6’0” guard herself doesn’t seem too much worried about monetary matters.

As per a USA Today article by Elizabeth Flores, Clark believes that her sponsors will only grow once she turns pro. It will only amplify her already thriving brand.

“Clark has stated that her major sponsors will not drop her when she turns pro, and it is likely that her deals will continue to grow as she advances to the next level, squashing the storyline that she will lose money going to the WNBA,” wrote Elizabeth Flores.

There is a high chance that the all-time leading NCAA scorer will only increase her brand value of the WNBA. The league requires a face that transforms it into a much bigger business for a long time.

Even in 2024, the highest-paid WNBA player Arike Ogunbowale has an average annual value of $241,984. It will be interesting to see if Caitlin Clark’s entry brings radical transformation to WNBA contracts.

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