Recalling Dramatic Title Game vs Angel Reese and LSU, Caitlin Clark and Gabbie Marshall Present Iowa’s Strategy for Elite 8 Clash

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The Albany 2 Regional has now reached its final game. After days of exciting and thrilling encounters, we now have our two teams contesting for regional supremacy.

To no one’s surprise, it’s the finalists of last year’s NCAA championship game Iowa and LSU. While Caitlin Clark and Co. had to take down a spirited Colorado, the defending champions knocked out the formidable Bruins.

Soon after the Hawkeyes secured their place in the Elite Eight, the media was eager to pick the brains of NCAA’s all-time scorer Caitlin Clark and the rest of her teammates.

Describing the mood in the locker room before this much-anticipated matchup, Clark said, “Ever since this season started, my focus is like 1-0 every single time we take the court. I think that’s what Coach Bluder preaches.

I’m not caught up in the past, I’m not caught up in the future, I try to keep my feet in the present.” This was in response to Claire Hannah’s question regarding what are her thoughts on the national championship game last year.

In addition to this, senior guard Gabbie Marshal also weighed in on what was the game plan against Colorado which will most likely the same against LSU. Apparently, she was asked by Marisa Jaques of Spectrum News to evaluate what they do as a team to play to their strengths.

To this, Marshal replied, “You have to pick and choose with our team. Obviously, there is a lot of potential in Caitlin. She’s going to get one or two people who have to look at her throughout the whole possession. So, I think that leaves other people open.” 

Moreover, she also describes how Caitlin Clark is an amazing assist-master in the team. Marshal further added, “I think she does a great job of her teammates. Finding who’s open, reading the defense even does what they are gonna do.”

In the meantime, Iowa’s head coach expresses her disappointment ahead the upcoming fixture.

Lisa Bluder is not happy with the early Caitlin Clark-Angel Reese faceoff

Lately, the reporters directed their questions toward Lisa Bluder on her take on this classic Elite Eight clash. In her response, she said, “It’s almost unfortunate they’re meeting this early. But, you know everybody that’s left now is really good. LSU is certainly that.”

Further, Bluder also reflected on the fact that this game is going to bring out a lot of emotions and be very competitive in nature. Undoubtedly, we can’t wait for these two teams to lock horns again. While it received 12 million viewers the last time they met, the numbers are expected to rise.

Can Iowa avenge their loss this time? We’ll have to wait and see. How excited are you for this game? Tell us in the comments section.

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