“Refs Wanted Iowa to Win”: Offensive Foul Call on Aaliyah Edwards Infuriates Fans as Caitlin Clark Suffers the Wrath

Caitlin Clark and Co. have snatched their tickets to the National Championship game for the second time straight tonight. However, while both the teams had quite a run in the to-and-fro game, the Hawkeyes seemed to be favorites.

Previously, the referees were called out for taking Iowa’s side in their regular-season finale against Ohio State. Then, Caitlin Clark broke the internet by leaving Pistol Pete behind in the NCAA’s all-time scoring list.

This time again, the fans are not very pleased with the foul called on Aaliyah Edwards, which eventually became a reason for Iowa’s 2-point win. Apart from the fans, Kelsey Plum and Angel Reese have also shared their views on the illegal screen by Aaliyah Edwards.

Right after UConn’s timeout in the last seconds of the game, Edwards blocked Gabbie Marshal’s view completely. While everyone believes it was not a moving screen, especially considering the time left in the game, referees did not.

What ended up as a foul on Edwards became a chance for Caitlin Clark and Co. to pull ahead. In fact, the one successful free throw following this whole incident by Clark brought Iowa two points ahead.

Referees called fouls on the Huskies 19 times. In contrast, the Hawkeyes went home with just 8 fouls tonight. It was obvious that all the fans would turn on Iowa for this.

Fans call out referees and Caitlin Clark

The incidents that followed in the crucial final seconds of the game may have won Iowa a place in their consecutive Championship game. However, they lost the love of many fans as they could not hide their disappointments.

A basketball fan was simply not taking how the referees took advantage of their positions and backed Iowa at every turn.

“I mean, the referees were for Iowa all night and they call that. That is such a egregious call there. Refs wanted Iowa to win, and got their wish.

Just terrible”.

Another X user showed their disbelief, agreeing to disagree with how Caitlin Clark’s show works.

“So if Caitlin Clark falls over, it’s an automatic foul, got it”

A group of Huskies lovers went against Caitlin Clark. Looks like her tumble against the Buckeyes to get a foul in her favor is still fresh in everyone’s minds.

“Caitlin Clark = Dramatic” – Another UConn fan supported the controversy by calling out Caitlin Clark for being annoying.

“Caitlin Clark just looks like she’s irritating asf”

“A true Husky fanatic targeted both Clark and the official referees on the floor for their pick against KK Arnold”.

“Caitlin Clark is allowed to shoulder-drive KK Arnold but if KK looks at her she’s gone. F–k these refs. F–k Caitlin, too”.

“Caitlin Clark seems to be the villain of women’s college basketball after all the fame as one more Husky went against her tonight”.

“Caitlin Clark with another push off”

“While a basketball fan could only say that the foul called on Aliyah was not a reasonable one. He called it ridiculous”.

“You can’t call that. That’s ridiculous. I’d love to see either team win but these referees have favored Iowa all night”

Whether they won fair and square or not, what we know is that Caitlin Clark is moving forward to her final chance to grab a Championship ring. They will now face the ultimate team in the NCAA WBB with an unbeaten streak– South Carolina. The gripping game will take place in two days and will give us a new National Champion.

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