“Sh*tlock”: NBA Champion Stephen Jackson Blasts Controversial Reporter Jason Whitlock Over Dawn Staley Remarks

Stephen Jackson released a rant less than a day ago that has over 1 million views. The 17-year NBA veteran was upset over what he felt was disrespect thrown by Gayle King.

This happened when King was interviewing the South Carolina Gamecocks coach, Dawn Staley, and said some things according to Jackson, which evidently upset the 46-year-old.

Dawn Staley on Women's Basketball's Rise: “It Is a Long Time Coming” | Vanity Fair

One person who didn’t like the disrespect thrown at Gayle King was the American sports columnist Jason Whitlock. He took to Twitter to address his issue. Whitlock wrote, “This is a prison mentality. Choose sides based on skin color, not values. We’ve normalized a prison worldview rather than a biblical worldview.

It’s sad. We don’t even recognize the immorality and illogic.” Jackson this time used Instagram to convey his feelings.

The video started with Jackson making fun of the columnist’s name. “What up, world? Usually, I don’t even respond to this cat, Uncle Ruckus A K A Jason s**tlock I mean Whitlock.”

Clarifying, it was not about the race but the disrespect shown towards Staley. Stephen Jackson revealed in his rookie year that he wore number 24 because of the influence of Dawn Staley. “You just a sucker and you’ve been a sucker and you find a way to demean people to get attention but nobody watch your show, bro.”

Further, he revealed how his family and daughters support the WNBA and Caitlin Clark, just like the NBA. You might be wondering what King said that was so upsetting for Jackson.

Why did Stephen Jackson lose his cool in the first place?

Gayle interviewed Dawn earlier this week in celebration of the South Carolina Gamecocks’ incredible undefeated season, which won the women’s 2024 NCAA championship. While interviewing King, she said, “We were all cheering for Iowa, of course, and Caitlin Clark.” Hearing this was enough for Jackson, who took to Twitter to say what he felt.

That sh*t was trash” - $20M worth Stephen Jackson lashes out at Gayle King following "cheering for Caitlin Clark" comments in Dawn Staley interview

Stephen Jackson calls out Gayle King after she admits to Dawn Staley that she was rooting for Caitlin Clark and Iowa over South Carolina.

Started saying he didn’t consider media, and only people who consider it are because she is friends with Oprah. Jackson was upset and said, “But you cannot demean Dawn Staley like that.” Explaining how the motive was to celebrate Gamecocks and Staley instead, King said the wrong thing.

“You’re talking to her about winning the championship, about going undefeated. And you had the nerve to get on there and say, “we” was rooting for Caitlin Clark, and you broke everybody’s hearts’. Who is we? Who is we?” He felt it was completely out of line and unnecessary to say during the interview and called her interview “super trash.“

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