South Carolina star player Kamilla Cardoso avoids LGBTQ controversy by dodging key question

Head coach Dawn Staley’s controversial remarks continue to echo in the media.

Kamilla Cardoso cutting down the net after winning the NCAA...

South Carolina Gamecocks star Kamilla Cardoso skillfully dodged a potentially contentious question regarding transgender participation in women’s sports during a recent interview with Fox News Digital.

Asked about her coach Dawn Staley’s comments supporting transgender inclusion in women’s basketball, Cardoso tactfully shifted the focus to celebrating her team’s undefeated season and upcoming WNBA draft prospects.

In a post-national championship game celebration at a South Carolina Raising Cane’s, Cardoso deftly sidestepped a direct response to Staley’s remarks, choosing instead to emphasize the importance of enjoying the moment and staying together as a team.

When pressed further in a follow-up email, Cardoso’s representatives indicated that she was unavailable for comment, leaving her stance on the controversial issue unclarified.

Staley earned the rejection of conservatives

Staley’s remarks had sparked debate and criticism, with some arguing that transgender women should not participate in women’s sports due to perceived differences in physical capabilities.

OutKick contributor Riley Gaines pointed out differences in the speed of play and style between men’s and women’s basketball, suggesting that transgender inclusion could lead to unfair competition.

South Carolina state Rep. Adam Morgan echoed this sentiment, stating that taxpayer money should not support ideologies that contradict South Carolina’s values.

Fans still support the Gamecocks

Despite the controversy, Gamecocks fans showed unwavering support for their team, gathering at the South Carolina State Fairgrounds to meet Cardoso and teammate MiLaysia Fulwiley. Fulwiley expressed gratitude for the fans’ support, emphasizing the strong bond between the team and its supporters.

Cardoso, a projected top-five pick in the upcoming WNBA draft, thanked the South Carolina fan base for their support and expressed excitement about the prospect of seeing them continue to support her in the professional league.

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