“The disrespect”: College hoops fans react to South Carolina players doing ‘The Macarena’ vs. Indiana in Sweet 16 clash

“The disrespect”: College hoops fans react to South Carolina players doing ‘The Macarena’ vs. Indiana in Sweet 16 clash Cardoso and Johnson Did Macarena Against Indiana.

The South Carolina Gamecocks defeated the Indiana Hoosiers 79-75 in a highly anticipated Sweet 16 matchup on Friday.


South Carolina, the No. 1 seed in the Albany 1 region, led by 17 points at the end of the first half. At the beginning of the second half, a few Gamecocks players, including Kamilla Cardoso and Raven Johnson, were seen performing the iconic ‘Macarena’ on the court.

Cardoso and Johnson Did Macarena Against Indiana

This led to mixed reactions from college hoops fans on X (formerly Twitter).

“The disrespect,” said one fan.

“Imagine you’re fighting for your life against a team this talented. And then you look across the court to them laughing and doing the Macarena. I would be calling for a sub,” one fan commented.

“If this was LSU though, Twitter would be in a outrage right now.”

“Honestly, I think it’s just cool that they are having fun – and enjoying life out there – good for health.”

“So many effing years to be an adult – I’m glad they are having fun – good for these Gamecock women hoopers.”

“They might have started it too early! (I mean , I fully exepct them to win, but Indiana isn’t going down without a fight!)”

“Yea, came too relaxed in the second half.”

Who were the best players for South Carolina in the win against Indiana?

Indiana v South Carolina

South Carolina has been brilliant through its NCAA tournament run so far. Under the guidance of Dawn Staley, they won 91-39 in their first-round game against Presbyterian, followed by 88-41 against North Carolina in the second round.

With the win against Indiana, South Carolina advanced to the Elite Eight, where it will face No. 2 seed Oregon State of the Albany 1 region.

Kamilla Cardoso was the best player for South Carolina as she had 22 points, seven rebounds and four assists. Her efforts were complemented by Raven Johnson, with 14 points, five rebounds and six assists.

Do you think South Carolina will win the NCAA championship this year? Let us know in the comments section.

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