The Internet Is Debating Whether Or Not Chappell Roan Is An “Industry Plant,” And I *Need* To Know What You Think

“It’s actually so insane that people are calling Chappell Roan (a lesbian) an industry plant… the music industry would literally never.”

If you’re a millennial or Gen Z’er and you’ve been on the Internet as of recent, you know who Chappell Roan is. And if you don’t, basically, she’s a musician who has been absolutely blowing up over the past few months.

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And I don’t think it can be overstated how QUICKLY she rose to fame. It was like one day, no one batted an eye at her opening for Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS World Tour, and the next, she had a Tiny Desk concert, several TikTok-viral songs, and a couple million Instagram followers. Plus, her recently-announced tour sold out in a matter of minutes (like, Eras Tour-level disappointment).

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And although everyone loves her music, she’s especially an icon for the queer community. She referred to her own music as “obnoxiously gay,” and her song “HOT TO GO!” has been named a queer anthem alongside other recent songs like “Rush” by Troye Sivan — who actually Tweeted his support for Chappell 10 YEARS AGO.

Twitter: @troyesivan

Twitter: @troyesivan

And legit, if Troye Sivan is a fan of yours, you have all my respect.

Anyway, point is: she’s super popular. So naturally, the Internet has come up with a theory, starting with one tweet alleging that Chappell Roan is the “clearest example of an industry plant.” Which basically means she got popular by way of a major industry/ label push, all while masquerading around as “homegrown” talent.

Twitter: @jfloridakilos

And on one hand, yes, she did become popular super quickly, making it hard to decipher how exactly she did rise to fame…

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But she’s also been in the game for quite awhile (like hello, those Troye Sivan tweets from 2014) with her only big success story coming now, so can that really qualify her as an industry plant?

Twitter: @elijahgemini

Twitter: @wonderfuljoey23

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Oh, and as if things couldn’t get more heated, there’s even been some infighting among Chappell Roan fans that only started because of this debate. It’s a whole mess.

Twitter: @lucasloogie

Basically, although the Internet is still undecided, Chappell Roan’s fans have come to defend her honour. Because we all love funny online debates that really have nothing to do with us, here some of the funniest reactions to this wild theory:

Twitter: @gatekeepgerri

Twitter: @limitlessjest

Twitter: @diickvandyke

Twitter: @mollytaft

Twitter: @dietgothbf

Twitter: @aletoowelll

Twitter: @slaystayslay

Twitter: @cxffncase

Twitter: @mirandareinert

Twitter: @LovelyLisey

And before I go, I just *need* to know your opinion on all of this — and I’d like to end this debate once and for all:

Do you think Chappell Roan is an industry plant?

Yep, I could definitely see it!

No, leave her alone!

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