VIDEO: Social Media Thinks Caitlin Clark’s Dad Was Caught On Camera Sneaking Something Suspicious Into Her Final Four Game

Caitlin Clark's dad at final four game.
Caitlin Clark’s dad at final four game.

Caitlin Clark’s father might be loaded in the cash department but that does not mean he wants to pay outrageous prices for things to watch sports.

Those hoping to see Clark win a national championship in her final weekend as the best player in college basketball had to pay up as the average sale price for a resale ticket to the women’s semifinal had reached over $2K.

After paying to get inside Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, Caitlin Clark’s dad, Bob Nizzi, was not going to spend anything else, especially when it came to food.

Footage from the Final Four game showed that he snuck some food in a secret pouch and he was enjoying his snack in the stands.

Nothing better than eating snacks that do not cost an arm and a leg.

In the meantime, Caitlin might need a snack or two because she has been unable to find her shot in the game against UConn so far in the first half. The deeper you go into the tournament, the harder it gets and she is finding it out.

Caitlin Clark’s Dad Went Viral Yelling At Her During NCAA Tournament Game

Caitlin Clark’s dad, Brent, yelled at the Iowa superstar to “stop!” complaining during their March Madness 2024 game against Holy Cross earlier in the tournament.

The Iowa star was jawing at a referee at halftime despite having an 18-point lead and her dad did not care to hear any of it at the time.

Clark led the Hawkeyes to a 91-65 blowout with 27 points, eight rebounds, and ten assists in that game so the tough love certainly worked, via

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