Who Is South Carolina’s #21? Everything You Need to Know About Chloe Kitts

Who Is South Carolina’s #21? Everything You Need to Know About Chloe Kitts.

A player who can change roles according to the team’s needs is a crucial element of the game. That’s what 19-year-old Chloe Kitts is for the South Carolina Gamecocks.

The Oviedo, Florida native has continued to showcase her talents. After all, she has worked hard to reach her coveted spot.

Under the guidance of South Carolina’s head coach Dawn Staley, Kitts made an interesting as well as complex decision to get an early enrollment. The player enrolled in the South Carolina program almost 6 months ahead of her recruiting class.

With only 18 game appearances and a six-minute average in her freshman year, the journey wasn’t easy for her. While there were some doubts raised by the fans and critiques initially, she has shown her abilities in every game.

The rising star of college basketball, Chloe Kitts

In high school, Kitts spent her freshman year playing for The Master’s Academy in Oviedo. She led the team to win the Class 3A state title game. Following that, she joined the DME Academy in Daytona Beach, Florida.

She displayed quite an impressive game in her junior year, averaging 18.7 points and 8.2 rebounds per game.

Her accolades include a gold medal at the 2023 FIBA under-19 Women’s Basketball World Cup in Spain, and the 2022 FIBA under-18 Women’s Americas Championship in Argentina.

With numerous offers from North Carolina, Arizona, Louisville, and Duke, Kitts knew the right place for her was in South Carolina. She might not have had enough time in her first year, but things have started to take a turn for the better in her sophomore year.

Chloe Kitts Scores Career-High, Continues Growing Into Starting Role

The support behind Kitts’ biggest decision to enroll in South Carolina was her parents, Jason and Krystle Kitts. She has three sisters. Her family stayed in Washington State before moving to Florida in the year 2016.

With her success in the game, the player is also witnessing a growth in her popularity. Her Instagram boasts 87.6k loyal followers who extend continuous support to the burgeoning star.

She is rumored to be in a romantic relationship with South Carolina Gamecocks forward Collin Murray-Boyles. The two have each other’s pictures for their Instagram account profile picture. Currently, she stands as one of the team’s most important players.

Chloe Kitts has grown into the role in her sophomore year

She has averaged 9 points and 6 rebounds this season. Enthralling right? With Staley’s guidance and roommate Brea Beal, Kitts showed unprecedented improvement in her game.

She is averaging 19 minutes per game this year. Her performance was terrific against the LSU Tigers in the SEC Championship game. Why was this matchup so important, though?

Despite the NBA’s Boston Celtics vs Miami game being aired 30 minutes earlier, the battle between the South Carolina and Tigers ended up getting more ratings.

This simple achievement is a win for the players as well as for the women’s college basketball. Nevertheless, Kitts improved further after that game and put the world on notice with her performance in the NCAA tournament opener.

The 19-year-old was phenomenal as she achieved her career-high with 21 points and 13 rebounds. She led the No. 1 overall-seeded Gamecocks to a 91-39 blowout win over the Presbyterian Blue Hose.

In the absence of key players, Kamilla Cardoso and Bree Hall, her efforts in the team were truly incredible.

From being judged for her decision of early enrollment to being one of the best on the team, she has come a long way.

With the skills and potential she has shown so far in her game, the five-star recruit is certainly one of the most promising players in the college basketball scene.

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