50 Cent Breaks Down Why He’s “Defensive” When Women Ask Him For Luxury Goods

50 Cent likely isn’t going to buy you a Birkin bag if you ask him. During his recent appearance on Mary J. Blige’s The Wine Down on BET, the rapper detailed his love life, among other things, when he and the singer began to discuss the topic of women. As a wealthy man with plenty of fame, there’s no doubt that he has to vet the women that enter his life. Not just for the sake of compatibility but to protect his assets.

During the episode, Fif told Mary that he gets “defensive” when women ask him to buy them things. Though he could easily splurge of luxury goods at the drop of a dime, he explained that he sees through the intention of women who expect it from him. “I get defensive when a person is trying to… when a woman is asking me for things. Then I’m like, ‘Oh you think I’m a sucker?” 50 Cent said while Mary J Blige burst into laughter.

He went on to explain that he’s willing to do that out of the kindness of his heart, but he isn’t here to be someone’s come-up. “Because organically I wanna do those things. Then I’ll start to do those things and it’ll be cool because she’s never asked me for… nothing,” he continued. “But if she comes with those intentions or that idea then it feels like, ‘Wait.’” That’s when Mary J. Blige interjected, saying, “That’s when you could read the energy.”  Fif replied, “Right, cause she came with those intentions.”

50 Cent went on to explain that the women he’s around are a reflection of who he is. The rapper is currently dating Cuban Link, who has been by his side since at least 2019. The couple has become far more public in recent times, as she accompanies him to plenty of red-carpet events for his shows and clowns him on Instagram. Most recently, she caught Fif sliding into the comment section of her Instagram page while they were together at a sports event. Check out the clip above and sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

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