50 Cent Reacts to Gilbert Arenas Giving Ex Laura Govan a Fake $400,000 Diamond Ring

The retired NBA player used some sneaky tactics to split with his ex-fiancée Laura Govan.

Gilbert Arenas sneakily broke things off with his ex-fiancée Laura Govan in 2014, and ten years later, it’s still getting some laughs from 50 Cent.

After Arenas spilled the details on a recent episode of VladTV, 50 Cent shared the news on his Instagram, where he captioned the post, “LOL YO he said nah I gotta get that ring back.”

Arenas pulled the stunt by swiping a $400K diamond ring that he originally bought Govan with a fake version of the ring that cost ten grand. The swap took place eight days after Arenas initially proposed, when the now-exes had an argument and temporarily broke up.

“I’m like, ‘That was a fucking waste of money,” Arenas recalled around the 1:30 minute mark of the video below. “‘I want my ring back.’ So I was like, ‘How do I get my ring back? I just got to get her back.’ But when she comes back, I’ma have a fake one and I can switch it at any time.’”

The deception continued nearly five months later, when the two reconciled and “played house,” according to Arenas. “But I never switched it. I just knew that I can switch it at any time,” Arenas said about the ring. “And then years later…I eventually switched it. [I] put that one in the safety deposit and then she just had the fake one.”

Goven noticed when the two broke up for good and Arenas won custody of their four children, but a friend of Govan’s warned her to get custody back, Arenas pulled a “troll” move.

“Me being a troll that I am, I took a picture, put the ring on it and bop,” he joked. “I had the original ring and posted online.”

Govan filed a lawsuit over the ring, claiming that Arenas robbed her, but she was defeated, while her ex-fiancé “used the ring money to pay for lawyer fees.”

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