50 Cent Reveals How Oprah Is Using Steve Harvey To Blackball Taraji (H)

50 Cent is coming after Steve Harvey for allowing Oprah to use him to blacklist Taraji after she spoke up on how badly Oprah treated her on the set of The Color Purple. Child, it’s a hot mess because Oprah allegedly got mad at Taraji for spreading negativity, which she believes caused the movie to flop at the box office.

Tn this game, it’s not about race; it’s about money. We’re in the money game, and sacrificing yourself is not the way to go. The best thing you can do for poor people is not become one.

At 0:13, Monique is being canceled, but Tyler Perry denies instructing anyone not to work with her. 50 Cent accuses Steve Harvey of letting Oprah blacklist Taraji P. Henson after she spoke up about mistreatment during “The Color Purple” filming.

It’s a messy situation because Oprah allegedly blamed Taraji for the movie’s failure, leading to studios reportedly pulling her from gigs. 50 Cent claims to have evidence of Oprah’s sinister agenda, willing to spill the tea and cancel her.

Taraji discusses the challenges faced by black actresses, sharing her experience of being underpaid since “Proud Mary.” She expresses frustration about the industry’s lack of recognition and equal pay for black women.

The video also delves into Taraji’s revelations about mistreatment during “The Color Purple” filming, where cast members like Fantasia and Danielle Brooks were allegedly poorly treated. 50 Cent defends Taraji, drawing parallels with Oprah’s past actions against Mo’Nique.

The text concludes by questioning whether Oprah is trying to sabotage Taraji’s career and if Steve Harvey is assisting in the alleged blacklisting. It references 50 Cent’s history of defending Mo’Nique and his ongoing feud with Oprah.

Throughout the text, there’s a mix of commentary, quotes, and background information on the discussed incidents.

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