50 Cent took aim at Busta Rhymes over his gigantic gold chain!!!

50 Cent may have run through millions of dollars worth of jewelry throughout his rap career, but says there’s a point where you gotta draw the line — taking aim at Busta Rhymes over his gigantic gold chain!!!

50 Cent Pokes Fun at Busta Rhymes for Wearing Gigantic Gold Chain - XXL

On Thursday, 50 shared BTS footage from his recent “Get Rich” tour stop in Charlotte, where he kicked it with DaBaby, Busta and others backstage.

50 Cent Playfully Trolls Busta Rhymes Over His Huge Chain [Video] |  lovebscott.com

One may think that’s a shot at Busta’s longtime right-hand man Spliff Star but he seems to be cosigning the nonsense — he’s also been spotted wearing a statue’s amount of gold around his neck!!!

50 Cent Pokes Fun at Busta Rhymes for Enormous Gold Chain

Busta’s been rocking the chain since May when his jeweler TraxNYC unveiled the whopper in a box bigger than the one that contained Jumanji.

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