Aaron Boone ejection, ridiculous Juan Soto at-bat must force action from MLB

We wouldn’t waste our time complaining about an umpiring crew if minor infractions took place, but almost all baseball fans would have to agree what has happened during the New York Yankees-Oakland Athletics series (through just two games!) is downright unacceptable.

Yankees' Aaron Boone ejected for 4th time this season - NBC Sports

We’re not talking about quick-trigger ejections or boderline strike calls, either. That’s part of the baseball life. What we’ve seen is legitimate malpractice, which is why the folks at home continue to call for robot umps.

On Monday afternoon, Yankees manager Aaron Boone was ejected from the game in the first inning because home plate ump Hunter Wendelstedt mistook a fan’s criticism, thinking it was Boone, who was previously arguing a check-swing call but had relented.

Aaron Boone ejection, ridiculous Juan Soto at-bat must force action from MLB

Boone tried to plead his case, as did the rest of the dugout, when Wendelstedt made the ridicuous call, but the ump claimed he “didn’t care” who said it. He later said that Boone is responsible for the Yankees’ behavior, so that’s what prompted the ejection. Except, again, nobody did anything.

Yankees' Aaron Boone Offers Epic One-Liner About Juan Soto's Moonshot Home  Run - Sports Illustrated

Then came Tuesday night. This time, it was John Tumpane behind the plate, and he was equally bad for both sides. But his most egregious offense was this at-bat featuring Juan Soto, who has the best eye in the game.

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