Ashanti Says She Is Ready To Have Babies But Ruled Out Nick Cannon

Ashanti says that she desired to have children in 2023. The 42-year-old is in Abu Dhabi after performing at the F1 Grand Prix event held from November 17 to Sunday, November 20.

The Grammy-winning artist performed at Rich List Royal Terrace after Sunday’s race and looked to be enjoying the Ras Al Khaimah resort, where she joined fans on Instagram live as she shared features about the resort, additionally the man-made beach and the tasty drinks being served by staff.

The vocalist was having fun as she cracked joke with fans on Instagram live and talked about her body, health, and fitness, and even the possibility of motherhood as she enjoyed her time in the UAE. The vocalist responded to a fan who asked if she had children and opened that she wanted to become a parent next year.

“I’m trying to have kids next year. That’s what I’m trying to do,” she started.

However, she opened that a potential daddy was not in the picture yet. “You know you need the right person to have kids with you know what I’m saying but I’m trying to have kids next year. I’d be low with my sh*t y’all already know but yeah, that’s a very big decision so we’ll see what happens,” she said.

While Ashanti has founded the right man to give her the sperm to make her babies, a fan also suggested that Nick Cannon may be able to help to which the vocalist busted out laughing.

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