Aussie boxing world champ Billy Dib reveals why he was mortified when 50 Cent gave him a huge amount of cash on a wild night out in the USA

Former Australian boxing world champion Billy Dib has spoken about a wild night out he had with American rapper 50 Cent – and why it couldn’t have happened at a worse time of year.

Dib was one of 50 Cent’s first clients when he launched a boxing promotions company in July 2012, but their relationship turned sour when the business went bankrupt and the Australian claimed he was owed more than $1million.

The devout Muslim, who recently beat cancer, spoke about his craziest night out with the rapper, which he says would ‘challenge the strength of many believers’.

‘So we jump in his Lamborghini,’ Dib told an audience at a speaking engagement.

‘I’m in a Lamborghini with him [50 Cent], my brother is in a Ferrari behind him.  There’s a Bentley.

Billy Dib, who partnered up with 50 Cent in 2012, has recalled his wildest night out with the superstar rapper

Dib (pictured fighting Jorge Lacierva) says he ended up in a huge strip club with the rapper during Ramadan

‘We get to this place, it looked like a factory warehouse and every supercar you can think of was outside this factory warehouse.

‘And then 50 Cent opens the trunk of his car and pulls a bag out, and I’m standing next to him and a gun falls out, two watches that are completely covered with diamonds and three blocks of money – like, stacks of money.’

Dib says the rapper offered him a huge stack of cash, which he was initially wary of because he’d previously been warned about accepting gifts from people because they end up ‘owning you’, but the rapper explained that he would soon need it.

The group then entered the building, which turned out to be an enormous strip club.

‘I’m talking massive,’ explained Dib.

‘And there’s females all over the place and it’s blaring, right. And let me tell you something, it’s the first day of Ramadan.

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