BREAKING: San Francisco Giants Ace Compliments Superstar On Rival Los Angeles Dodgers

The San Francisco Giants might have rivalry with their fellow California team, but that didn’t stop their ace from sending some compliments to one of the superstar players.

After Sunday’s loss, the San Francisco Giants are now 6-10 and are firmly sitting in fourth place of the NL West division.

They knew it would be difficult to win based on the offseason the Los Angeles Dodgers had, all the talent still on the San Diego Padres’ roster, and that the Arizona Diamondbacks are coming off a World Series appearance.

The Dodgers were able to land Shohei Ohtani, pairing him with Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman in their lineup to have a 1-2-3 punch who all have won an MVP award.

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Giants fans everywhere collectively sighed as their large-spending rivals put together one of the best offseasons by a team the league has ever seen.

They also probably were a bit taken back when their ace Logan Webb went on The Chris Rose Rotation podcast and had nothing but good things to say about Betts.

Based on how the former MVP has performed against Webb, it’s easy to see why the starting pitcher was so complimentary about the type of player Betts is, regardless if they play on rival teams or not.

“He knows he owns me, and we’ve kind of talked about it a little bit before. But I love facing him. You always want to compete against the best guys,” the San Francisco righty said.

San Francisco Giants Ace Compliments Superstar On Rival Los Angeles Dodgers

In the nine games where these two have faced each other, Betts has gone 9-26 with two home runs, two doubles, and two RBI.

Webb continued to praise the superstar when talking about how he’s switched from being a Gold Glove-winning right fielder to now a very formidable shortstop in his first season after the position change.

Old school fans likely don’t enjoy seeing a Giants player complimenting their rival, but it’s hard not to marvel at what Betts does on a baseball field, something that Webb is all too familiar with based on his experiences.

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