BREAKING: San Francisco Giants Reliever’s Mistake Gets Marlins Manager Ejected

The San Francisco Giants inadvertently caused Miami Marlins manager Skip Schumaker to get ejected.

The San Francisco Giants beat the Miami Marlins 4-3 in Monday’s series opener. However, the Marlins lost more than just the game—they also lost their manager in a bizarre episode.

San Francisco Giants Reliever's Mistake Gets Marlins Manager Ejected

The incident occurred in the bottom of the eighth inning. With a man on first, two outs, two relievers warming up, and the Giants clinging to a one-run lead, manager Bob Melvin decided it was time to bring in a fresh arm.

Melvin made the call to the pen and lefty Taylor Rogers came trotting out. The problem was, Melvin wasn’t trying to bring Rogers in. He’d summoned his closer, Camilo Doval, instead.

Before Rogers could reach the mound, umpires intercepted him and sent him back to the bullpen, calling out Doval instead.

Giants rally with 3 runs in 7th to beat NL-worst Marlins. Miami manager  Skip Schumaker is tossed | AP News

While the amused Giants chuckled waiting for Doval to arrive, Miami’s manager Skip Schumaker was livid.

Believing that a change was too late at that point and should not have been corrected by the umpires, Schumaker argued vehemently with crew chief Laz Diaz before returning to the dugout.

He didn’t stay there for long, however. Moments later, he again started arguing with Diaz, coming back onto the field, and this time Diaz finally gave him the boot.

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If Schumaker was trying to light a spark under his team, it didn’t work. The Marlins failed to come back, losing 4-3 and falling to 3-14 — the worst record in the National League.

Schumaker clearly has a lot to be upset about, not just the umpires’ performance but his team’s as well.

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