Cardi B Reveals Why She Regrets Doing BBL: “Now, I Have Offensive Odour That Made Offset Cheat On Me”

Cardi B, the renowned American vocalist and songwriter, not so far shared candid insights into her regrets related to early plastic surgery procedure familiar as Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

In a refreshingly honest interview, she heard disappointment with the outcome of the surgery and attributed some of the complications to the strain it put on her connection with her spouse, Offset.

The BBL procedure, whichh involves transferring fat from other parts of the body to expand the size and shape of the buttocks, has gained popularity in recent years, particularly among celebrities seeking to achieve a certain aesthetic.

But, Cardi B’s revelation sheds light on the potential risks and side effects associated with such cosmetic surgeries.

As per to Cardi B, she started to notice troubling symptoms emanating from her buttocks following the BBL surgery. Apart from affecting her self-confidence, these side effects also took a toll on her personal life, contributing to her spouse’s decision to cheat. While infidelity is a multifaceted issue, Cardi B believes that her altered physique played a character in Offset’s actions.

Her story underscores the importance of thoroughly researching cosmetic procedures and understanding their potential consequences before undergoing surgery. In spite of the allure of enhancing one’s appearance, it is crucial to weigh the risks and benefits, particularly when it comes to invasive procedures like BBL.

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