Chingy Recalls How Sidney Starr’s Lie Derailed His Career

Rapper Chingy will be featured on the upcoming episode of TV One’s hit series, “Unsung,” and he remembers how Sidney Starr’s lie about them dating derailed his career.

Allow me to Pull You Back to 2009 when the rapper captured a photo with transgender model Sidney Starr and it went viral.

The image sparked a crockpot of controversy and rumors for Chingy, whose real name is Howard Earl Bailey Jr.

Sidney Starr included all-purpose seasoning to the pot when she claimed she and Chingy dated “on and off” for “a nice little minute” and that they were involved in a sexual connection.

As a outcome of the controversy, Chingy’s career and reputation sank faster than the Titanic.
I was in the works with Interscope on a record deal.

That lie was so big on internet I lost a whole record deal and so much other stuff from that.

And I said something about it then.


But, for some reason, nobody took my side, and everybody just ran with that…without talking to me.

Sidney Starr later mentioned that she lied about her connection with Chingy, but the damage was already done and irreversible.

The rapper told TV One, “Couple of months later, same individual go crying on camera talking about how they lied for 15 minutes of fame because they wanted a reality show.”
Sidney Starr got what she wanted, but Chingy paid the ultimate price for it.

“These stuffs that they wanted happened, while stuffs I was doing…died. It was a heavy blow. It took years to recover from. I’m talking about years, probably over a decade.”

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