Entertainment 50 Cent warns rappers to fear Drake amid rap battle

Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s rap battle is burning the rap industry with many artists taking a position on the matter. 50 Cent, for his part, shared that the matter should end now or things would turn worse from this point.

Using his vast experience, the G-Unit mogul said on social media that after the Canadian rapper used AI in the diss track Taylor Made Freestyle the issue of hip-hop civil war must end.

“OK in my professional expert opinion on this matter, leave this man alone,” he warned.

He added the Grammy winner will retaliate further if the matter goes on, “I’ve seen this [film camera emoji] movie before, it will not end well. you disagree ok, then where is your **** at boy.”

The warning comes as Drake takes the bull from the horns after Kendrick targets him in Like That.

“While we wait on you, I guess,” the 34-year-old called out the DNA rapper on a social media post that shared the song which featured AI-generated verses from 2 Pac and Snoop Dogg.

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