HOT NEWS: Injured San Francisco Giants Star Has Contract Safety Net

While it’s unclear what Blake Snell has planned after this season, his deal with the San Francisco Giants gives him some safety.

The San Francisco Giants put left-handed starter Blake Snell on the injured list earlier this week after he suffered a strained adductor muscle.

Snell is on the 15-day injured list but he’s expected to miss more time than that. This is an injury he’s had before and told reporters that, in the past, he’s needed three or four turns through the rotation to recover.

Injured San Francisco Giants Star Has Contract Safety Net

The reigning National League Cy Young winner had an awful start to the season. He is 0-3 with an 11.57 ERA. He chose not to begin building up in the minor leagues after he signed a deal with the Giants on March 19.

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Snell was one of four Scott Boras clients who were expected to break the bank this offseason. Two ended up with the Giants — third baseman Matt Champan was the other. But none of them — Chicago Cubs slugger Cody Bellinger and Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Jordan Montgomery included — got the deals they were looking for. In fact, most had to wait until after spring training to get a deal.

Montgomery has already hired a new agent for next offseason, when he’s expected to try and hit the market again.

Many expected the 31-year-old Snell to do the same after this season. But this injury may derail that desire.

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The good news is, per USA Today, Snell’s deal gives him a great safety net for 2025.

Snell signed a two-year, $62 million deal with the Giants. For this season he’ll earn $15 million, with the Giants deferring $17 million as a signing bonus payable in 2026.

He has an opt-out after this season, which would allow him to explore free agency again. But, if he doesn’t believe he can get a better deal, or a long-term deal, he can stay with San Francisco for the 2025 season for $30 million, half of which is deferred and payable in 2027.

Either way, Snell is taken care of. But, this injury, combined with his start to the season, gives him more reasons to stay in San Francisco and not opt back into free agency.

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