HOT NEWS: Monday BP Is Blake Snell’s rough start concerning?

Hello, San Francisco Giants fans. Today’s topic of discussion is quite simple: is Blake Snell’s rough start as a member of the Giants concerning?

The answer is even simpler: nope!

Have a good day, everyone.Final score: Rays hit Snell hard in 9-4 win over Giants - McCovey Chronicles

OK fine, we can talk a little more. Snell had a tough time on Sunday against his old team, the Tampa Bay Rays. He again struggled with the strike zone, only this time he also gave up a whole ton of hard contact, including a pair of home runs. Through two starts with the Giants, things haven’t been good!

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It’s also not concerning. It’s two starts after all. He had no Spring Training, and barely any ramp up time. And let’s not forget how his 2023 season went: in his first nine games he had a 5.40 ERA with nine home runs in 45 innings. In his final 23 games he had a 1.20 ERA with six home runs in 135 innings. The Giants will take that sort of arc.

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Snell is none too pleased, however, but that’s what you want out of a competitor.

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