HOT NEWS: What we’ve learned about every player on the roster

The San Francisco Giants are 8% of the way through the season. The glass half-full perspective is that you still get to watch 92% of the season. The glass half-empty perspective is that you still have to watch 92% of the season.

View from afar of three Giants outfielders celebrating.

I like the 8% mark of the season, give or take a few percentage points. It’s deep enough into the season where you really can start to make some determinations about players — Jordan Hicks can pitch starter innings! Michael Conforto looks healthy! Jung Hoo Lee is so easy to root for!

But it’s early enough in the season where most stats and observations require three asterisks, each warning you of the perils of small sample sizes — say, did you know that Nick Ahmed is on pace to have the highest fWAR for a Giants position player since Buster Posey in 2016? Seems exactly like what the Giants expected when they signed him to a Minor League contract.

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So before the Giants embark on their next stretch of games, I thought we should take a fantastically, significantly, outrageously too-early look at what we’ve learned about every player on the 40-man roster. Some have played well, and others poorly. Some have played a lot, some have played a little, some have only played in the Minors, and some haven’t even played at all.

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Here they all are, in alphabetical order. AAA stats do not include Thursday’s game, as this article was written before then. WAR figures are from Fangraphs.

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