Is Juan Soto hinting he’s going to re-sign with the Yankees?!

No, superstar slugger and Scott Boras client Juan Soto will not be entertaining a long-term deal with the Yankees prior to the end of the season.

…Right? He won’t, though … right? Because, we’re going to be honest — and lean in real close, don’t let anyone else hear — he genuinely seems to love it here. Hopefully, he loves it in the Bronx specifically, and not New York City in general.

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees

Soto thoroughly dominated the Yankees’ opening road series in Houston, which was formerly their house of horrors before No. 22 came along.

Yankees better positioned to re-sign Juan Soto than you think

When it came time to reintroduce himself to the home fans after a 6-1 road trip, his on field performance didn’t quite match the hype in the Home Opener, but his perfectly curated appearance and vibe certainly screamed, “New York, I’m Home.” Soto’s cleats were covered in New York iconography — which, luckily, included pinstripes and the Yankee Stadium subway stop, for any curious Mets fans peeping this article.

Juan Soto gushes over Yankees fans amid free agency speculation | Yardbarker

“Soto <3 NY” was a bit ambiguous on the heel, but the rest would be tough to paint over.

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