Justin Bieber With Hailey And His Adorable 5 Year Old Sister Bay Bieber!

On Thursday, the “Yummy” singer gave his half-sister Bay Bieber, 20 months, a sweet shout-out on Instagram. Sharing a picture of himself and the adorable toddler, who is the daughter of his father Jeremy Bieber and wife Chelsey Bieber, having a twinning moment in their matching loungewear and beanies as they snuggled up with one another, Justin proved he’s the best big brother ever by posting an empowering message.

Justin-Bieber Lover - Justin Bieber For The First Time Shared A Photo Of His  Irresistibly Adorable 5-Year-Old Sister Bay Bieber, Attracting More Than  450,000 Followers On Social Networks | Facebook

“Dear baby sis, you will grow up to be a confident, strong, kind, compassionate powerful woman!” he wrote. “Excited to watch you grow into the incredible woman you are DESTINED TO BE!”

That same day, Justin was joined by his other half-sister Jazmyn Bieber in the studio, where he gave the 11-year-old some musical pointers. She shared a picture with her big bro in the booth on her Instagram account, writing, “Learning from the best @justinbieber.”

Read Justin Bieber's Empowering Message to His Baby Sister Bay Bieber

Justin’s half-siblings always make the sweetest cameos on his social media, and recently, they appeared in the music video for his and Ariana Grande‘s social distancing-inspired duet “Stuck with U.”

Justin Bieber | LOVE YOU RYVER 4 LIFE I WILL PROTECT YOU! | Instagram

During his verse, an adorable clip of Bay, Jazmyn and their siblings Jaxon and Allie danced along to the song’s romantic melody. The star-studded video also featured Justin’s wife Hailey Bieber, who shared some PDA moments with the “Intentions” singer throughout the heartwarming video.

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