Mike Trout was criticized for NOT taking care of himself while amid frequent injuries

The Los Angeles Angels and their fan base are devastated by Mike Trout’s early departure from the 2024 season. Trout’s outstanding start suggested another season worthy of MVP honors. But once he tore his meniscus in his left knee, things didn’t go well.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Los Angeles Angels

Trout has a history of injuries that have cost him a large portion of his career, so this is not the first time he has been hurt. Additionally, the Angels have lost out on their star player.

Stephen A. Smith was hardly the only person to consider Trout’s injury. Smith expressed his frustration with Trout’s frequent absences from the field, finding it difficult to accept that the All-Star’s ailments were persistent.

“How in the hell are you caring for yourself? Constantly hurt. Really, it’s baseball, dude. What is the topic of discussion here? It’s not football. It’s not a fight scene. The UFC isn’t here,” Smith declared.Smith continued, saying:

Maybe staying with the Angels was his act of karma. Perhaps signing with that terrible lifeless franchise was his way of getting even. Perhaps you ought to have moved to a different place where you would have been more visible and would have been motivated to maintain your health.”

Concern for Los Angeles Angels over Mike Trout injury | Marca

This season, Mike Trout’s absence could cost the Angels.

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