“Please get this man on a real team” – Fans Buzz with Excitement as Mike Trout Joins Mookie Betts in Home Run Domination

Along with cross-town opponent Mookie Betts, LA Angels slugger Mike Trout is having a fantastic season. He now leads the MLB with five home runs. With their former MVP finding his lost touch, the Angels’ season can’t get much better.

Trout took Zach Elfin deep in the third inning of the Angels’ current game against the Tampa Bay Rays at Angel Stadium to increase the advantage to 3-0. Trout blasted the 2-2 pitch to center field. At its departure, it reached a velocity of 108.7 mph after sailing over 423 feet.

Tampa Bay Rays v Los Angeles Angels

Using this as an opportunity, supporters mocked the Angels, saying they don’t have the roster he needs to compete in October:

“6 rbi, 5 bombs. Put this man on a legitimate squad, please. Please,” a fan tweeted.Someone else joked, “Get this man some base runners 😭.”

“Trade this to a contender team, stop wasting his years left as a ball player,” a different fan remarked.

Other supporters praised Trout’s scorching start to the season and found the silver lining:

Trout smiles as he jogs off the field at the beginning of the game.

One fan predicted that Trout would Һit 45 home runs and 52 RBI this season.

Another admirer remarked, “Trout… what a fantastic player! 🤕🤶.””Bros are going to win the first season of 50/50. 50 HRs, 50 RBIs,” wrote a different admirer.Mike Trout demonstrates his commitment to the Angels by staying put.

Mike Trout dispelled all speculation throughout the winter, when it was widely believed that the Angels would trade the centerfielder for future assets, and stated that he wаnted to win the championship in Anaheim.

Trout says he wants to stay with Angels. Rendon discusses where baseball  ranks on his priority list

A trade would be the “easy way out” for Trout, but he would rather to return the favor to the team that had faith in him:

Trout stated, “Asking for a trade is the easy way out.” There may come a moment. Perhaps. I haven’t given this much thought. However, I swore loyalty when I signed that contract. Here, I want to take home a title.”

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