WATCH: Benches clear as tempers flare between Willy Adames and James McCann

Apparently, Baltimore Orioles’ catcher James McCann was not a fan of the way that Milwaukee Brewers’ shortstop Willy Adames celebrated a home run on Friday night, and McCann made sure to let him know it. The two benches cleared, including the bullpens, which you can see below.

Benches cleared on Friday night during the game between the Milwaukee Brewers and Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards. No punches were thrown, but the bullpens cleared as well.

At the center of the incident appears to Brewers’ infielder Willy Adames, who homered earlier in the game and celebrated in a way that caused O’s catcher James McCann to take exception.ư

Per Jomboy Media on social media:

Benches clear in Baltimore after Willy Adames and James McCann got into a shouting match

WATCH: Benches clear as tempers flare between Willy Adames and James McCann

Willy Adames pimped a three-run home run in his prior at-bat

That certainly doesn’t seem to be excessive on the part of Adames. He homered to left field, in a park that’s difficult to homer in. Sure, he dropped his bat, but he didn’t really stare and admire it, and he didn’t slow trot around the bases.

Willy Adames helps Brewers knock off Cardinals | Reuters

Perhaps McCann is just upset because that homer made it 7-1 at the time and the score eventually moved to 9-1 at the time of the incident.

At the time of this posting, Adames is hitting .265 this season with three homers and seven RBI. The 28-year-old will be a free agent at the end of the season and wil be a hot commodity after the season.

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