What The Music Industry Did To Justin Bieber Is Disturbing !!

Justin Bieber’s experience within the music industry sheds light on a troubling narrative of exploitation and manipulation. From his early rise to fame as a teenage sensation to his struggles with mental health and personal challenges, Bieber’s journey reflects the darker aspects of the entertainment business.

Since his meteoric ascent to stardom, Bieber has been subjected to intense scrutiny and pressure, often at the expense of his well-being. The music industry, driven by profit and image, has sometimes prioritized commercial success over Bieber’s mental and emotional health.

Bieber’s story highlights the pervasive issue of exploitation within the industry, where young artists are commodified and exploited for their talent and marketability. His struggles with addiction, mental health issues, and personal turmoil have been sensationalized and commodified, perpetuating a cycle of exploitation and trauma.

Moreover, Bieber’s experiences also underscore broader issues of systemic inequality and racism within the music business. As a young white artist, Bieber has enjoyed privileges and opportunities that are often denied to artists of color, highlighting the disparities and injustices that persist within the industry.

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