Zach Neto Shows Support for Mike Trout with T-Shirt Featuring His Face After Season-Ending Surgery

The Halos’ rookie shortstop Zach Neto and LA Angels ace slugger Mike Trout were developing a fantastic rapport, as evidenced by their on-field antics and celebrations of the team’s victories and home runs

The Angels revealed on Tuesday that Trout need surgery to fix a damaged meniscus. It will only be possible to establish a firm rehabilitation schedule after the physicians examine Mike Trout’s left knee in greater detail.

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Angelsyouthful shortstop When word leaked that Mike was having surgery, Zach Neto wore a personalized T-shirt featuring his face. Trout and Neto get along well, and Neto views Trout as his role model in the league.

On April 29, 2024, Mike Trout and Zach Neto were crucial players in the LA Angels’ drаmаtic victory over the Philadelphia Phillies.

Zach Neto hammered two significant base hits and made some tҺrilling saves in the infield during the game, while Trout was lights out as he swiped a bag, scored a run, and displayed his defensive prowess in the outfield.

WATCH: Zach Neto sports t-shirt featuring Mike Trout's face following  Angels star's potentially season-ending surgery

Mike Trout experienced some soreness in his left knee halfway through the third inning, but he was unable to identify the specific origin of the problem. A ruptured meniscus was later confirmed by tests.

In crucial moments, the LA Angels will look to young players like Zach Neto for leadership.

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