Kelsey Anderson’s Dad Reveals If He Wants to be the Next Golden Bachelor-be

Getting answers!

Bachelor Nation met Kelsey Anderson’s dad, Mark, and the rest of her family during her hometown date this past week.

Kelsey has been open about how her father cared for her late mother before she passed away and after seeing him on screen, fans instantly fell in love with him.

Bachelor Nation fans quickly called for Kelsey’s dad to follow in Gerry Turner’s footsteps to be the next Golden Bachelor.

Now, Kelsey is getting answers from her dad in a new video on her TikTok page.

Kelsey went around and asked her family members how they were feeling about their TV debut and Mark said he was feeling “just nervous” about being on screen.

Then, Kelsey asked the hard hitting question that Bachelor Nation fans had been wondering: Does her dad want to be the next Golden Bachelor?

Mark laughed and said, “No, I’m too young!”

Fans quickly filled the comments of Kelsey’s post writing things like “OMG yes! Your dad for Golden Bachelor!!!” and “Omg your dad is truly the sweetest! I nominate him to be the next Golden Bachelor!!! You have a beautiful family!!!”

This wouldn’t be the first time a Bachelor Nation star’s parent went on our Golden franchise, so we won’t rule it out quite yet!

Former Bachelor Matt James’ mom, Patty, was one of the women vying for Gerry’s heart on Season 1 of “The Golden Bachelor.”

Either way, we appreciate Kelsey asking her dad the question that’s been on all of our hearts!

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