Who is Zoe Levert? Internet slams ‘The Voice’ coaches as hardcore Swiftie gets last moment one-chair turn-be

At the eleventh hour, John Legend made the decision to turn his chair for ‘The Voice’ Season 25 contestant, Zoe Levert.

'The Voice' Season 25 fans are disappointed as Zoe Levert gets a late one-chair turn (Instagram/@zoeelevert) ‘The Voice’ Season 25 fans are disappointed as Zoe Levert gets a late one-chair turn (Instagram/@zoeelevert)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Zoe Levert is a huge Taylor Swift fan and sang one of her songs, “Better Man” during her Blind Audition.

However, ‘The Voice’ Season 25 viewers are dissatisfied since she only received one chair turn, and it came at the very last minute.


Her voice is soft, but viewers can see Taylor in her. There is some imperfection in her voice, but it is pleasant.

John Legend chose to go for Zoe at the last minute. She is the seventh member to join Team Legend.

Chance the Rapper believed that John was the ideal Coach for Zoe, since he could help her improve her breathing control. She had some trouble hitting her lower register, but John is here to help.


‘The Voice’ fans are glad that Zoe got at least one chair turn.

A fan wrote: “I thought no one would be ready for her, but I was wrong! @johnlegend turned his chair at the last minute!” While another chimed in, “Took you way too long to turn the chair @johnlegend!!!!!”


One user further questioned, “Why didn’t more coaches turn for Zoe?”

On Instagram, a fan complained, “I can’t believe she was a 1 chair turn. She was amazing.” While one noted, “She fought to the end and got a chair turn.”

'The Voice' Season 25 contestant Zoe Levert got only one chair turn (Instagram/zoeelevert)‘The Voice’ Season 25 contestant Zoe Levert got only one chair turn (Instagram/@zoeelevert)

‘The Voice’ coaches Dan + Shay serenade Zoe Levert and her fiancé

Zoe found the love of her life in college and was engaged at the time of Blind Audition. The couple intended to dance to a Dan + Shay song during their wedding.


If Zoe’s moment couldn’t get any better, Dan + Shay chose to perform her wedding song for her and her then fiancé to dance to. John joked that while it was “abundantly clear” that Zoe wanted to be on Dan + Shay’s squad, he is glad she is on hers.

Even though she did not make it into Dan + Shay’s team, the pair performed her wedding song live for her, a moment John described as “only on The Voice.”


Dan + Shay performed 'The Voice' contestant Zoe Levert and her then-fiance their wedding song (NBC)Dan + Shay performed for ‘The Voice’ contestant Zoe Levert and her then-fiancé (@NBC)

‘The Voice’ Season 25 star Zoe Levert is a huge Swiftie

Swiftie Alert! It appears that casting producers (on both ‘American Idol’ and ‘The Voice’) are trying particularly hard this year to find Taylor-like vocalists, and Zoe is one of them.


Zoe is a vocalist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She sings at church and is part of The Clay Worship Collective, which also includes her husband.

Zoe’s Taylor rework of “Cardigan” has received 851K likes and 5.3 million views on TikTok. She has an indie pop and folk vibe, with the majority of her renditions being Taylor songs.

But she also takes on indie folk performers. She has the potential to do quite well in the competition.
'The Voice' Season 25 star Zoe Levert is a Taylor Swift fan (Instagram/zoeelevert)‘The Voice’ Season 25 star Zoe Levert is a Taylor Swift fan (Instagram/@zoeelevert)

Is Zoe Levert from ‘The Voice’ Season 25 married?

Zoe enjoys writing songs and buying plants. She has not yet released any of these tracks.

She is very involved in worship services, particularly those at her local church, Abundant Life Church in Denham Springs, Louisiana. And, while she most likely auditioned for Season 25 with the name Zoe Levert, she is now Zoe Levert Turner.

She married Ryan Turner in early January. She refers to him as “the cool guitar player guy I met at my first music majors meeting” at Leavell College, a branch of the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.


Zoe also studies psychology, according to her Facebook page.
Zoe Levert from 'The Voice' Season 25 is married to Ryan Turner (Instagram/zoeelevert)Zoe Levert from ‘The Voice’ Season 25 is married to Ryan Turner (Instagram/@zoeelevert)
‘The Voice’ Season 25 airs on NBC at 8 pm ET on Mondays and 9 pm ET on Tuesdays. The episodes will be available on Peacock on demand the next day. The streaming site also includes entire episodes from the show’s prior seasons.

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