Caitlin Clark looks bigger and with big muscles during Indiana Fever weight training session

Indiana’s rookie knows how to stay in shape.

Caitlin Clark looks bigger and with big muscles

All eyes are on the WNBA rookies, and Caitlin Clark knows how to make an impression. She’s on track to become Rookie of the Year thanks to her stellar performance, earning a well-deserved spot in the All-Star Game in Phoenix.

To keep up her momentum, Caitlin is preparing rigorously with the Indiana Fever. During a recent training session, she didn’t hesitate to show her mettle in a wildly chaotic weightlifting session with Aliyah Boston.

Fearlessly, Caitlin flaunted her muscles and shared much of her routine. Fans were thrilled to hear that High School Musical and One Direction are the secret ingredients to the Indiana Fever’s high-energy workouts.

“So chaotic, but entertaining”

In Aliyah Boston’s words, it was indeed a chaotic session, showcasing not only their muscles but also the speed at which they execute their sequences. It’s clear that Caitlin has seamlessly integrated into the team, earning praise for her achievements and her incredible strength.

Even though Caitlin jokingly admits in the video that she’s not entirely sure what’s going on, one thing is certain: their methods are working. The team is on the rise, currently holding the third-best spot in the WNBA standings, which may have everything to do with the strong camaraderie both on and off the court.

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