Stephen A. Smith confused over March Madness bracket and claims ‘I don’t know what these committee members are thinking’

ESPN star personality Stephen A Smith blasted the NCAA’s decision to put two of the most marketable teams in the same region for the women’s March Madness bracket.

The 56-year-old star couldn’t believe the NCAA selection committee placed Iowa and LSU in the same region after the two teams dominated the media headlines all season.

He was alongside Shannon Sharpe, guest analyst and former college star Andraya Carter, to discuss the women’s NCAA tournament.

Smith was disappointed in the selection committee's scheduling

Smith noted that he felt the NCAA mismanaged the scheduling of the tournament layout from a network standpoint by not separating the most popular teams into different regions.

Iowa is the No. 1 seed in the Albany Two region of the NCAA women’s tournament, but the reigning tourney champions, the LSU Lady Tigers, are also there.

Also, No. 2 UCLA and No. 5 seed Colorado, who already shocked LSU earlier this season, defeating them 92-78 in November.

Iowa and LSU played each other in the NCAA final last year, and the game went viral, breaking viewing records.

According to ESPN’s reports following the championship, the game drew over 9.9 million viewers, making it the most-viewed women’s college basketball game—the network’s most-viewed college basketball game ever for men’s or women’s.

On Monday, Smith emphasized his frustration with not allowing that scenario to have the chance to play out again.

“I don’t understand this,” Smith said about the bracket selection.

LSU is the reigning tournament champions

“We are on television right now. You gotta be biased. You gotta appeal to the audience.”

“Here’s the deal. I’m making sure LSU, the reigning defending champions National Champions, led by Angel Resse.”

“They’re 28-5 on the season and just damn near got into a fist-to-cuffs with South Carolina.”

“I’m making sure them South Carolina and Iowa are nowhere in the vicinity of each other. So I can have the possibility of all of them being in the final four.

“That’s what you are talking about. Theater! I don’t know what these committee members were thinking by putting Iowa and LSU in the same bracket.”

The women’s NCAA tournament tips off Wednesday with the ‘First Four’ round.

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