50 Cent advised Cardi B to go home to make up for her affair, go home to Offset because “that boy loves you

Cardi B threw everyone for a loop last week when she revealed that she decided to break up with her husband Offset. After making it known that she’s dead-serious, people have been coming out of the woodwork in hopes they can make the couple reconcile. Even 50 Cent.

50 Cent Advises Cardi B to Go Back Home to Offset - XXL

Yesterday (Dec. 10), the five-time Grammy nominee uploaded a video of herself to Instagram decked out in gold watches in promotion of her forthcoming “Money” music video. In the comment section, however, 50 Cent came through to add his two cents about her and Offset’s impending divorce. “That’s a cute out fit  but you gotta go home,” the Queens MC writes. “That Boy love you girl.”

While over 25,000 IG users (according to the likes on his comment) may be siding with the Southside Bully, Cardi B has made it known she is not backing down in this situation. Days after alerting the world of the news, the Bronx rapper performed “MotorSport” and altered her verse to rap: “I told him the other day, yeah we gon’ get a divorce.”

50 Cent Just Offered Cardi B Some Love Advice Following Her Split With  Offset - Capital XTRA

Offset’s cheating ways may be the reason for the split. A woman by the name of Summer Bunni extended a tearful apology to Cardi in a video admitting to an affair with the Migos star. The model claims she and rapper Cuban Doll were in talks of having a threesome with the Offset, though he continues to deny any involvement with the two of them. Cuban Doll denies the accusations.

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