Caitlin Clark’s Boyfriend Dragged Through the Mud by Antonio Brown as Controversy King Refuses to Back Down

Antonio Brown starts his day unlike any other retired football legend by thinking about his next move to troll his ‘cracker of the day’.

Caitlin Clark has been Brown’s ‘cracker of the day’ for the past few days. It couldn’t have come on a worse day, since the week marks Clark getting drafted as the No. 1 overall in the WNBA draft. On one hand, fans across the world are lauding Clark for being drafted by Indiana Fever, whereas AB’s menacing memes are making her life a living hell.

Brown’s saga of harassing Clark online started similarly with AB congratulating her for surpassing Pеtе Maravich in NCAA’s Division 1 history in March. The messages took a sharp u-turn, however, with his memes beginning to ruthlessly troll Clark. Even now, AB shows no signs of stopping his online harassment.

Continuing his online assault, Brown has now crossed another boundary by dragging Caitlin Clark’s relationship into the trolling. On 20th April, Brown posted a meme with a guy scrunching up his nose with the caption “Caitlin’s boyfriend leaving the house.” 

Until now, Brown’s jabs were limited to just Clark, but dragging her boyfriend Connor McCaffrey into the equation has raised the seriousness of the online harassment to another level.

I’vе had еnough of thе constant abusе,” Clark said in a no-nonsense manner, later blocking AB. Now, her reaction to Brown adding another edge to the harassment would be awaited by the fans.

Clark went Instagram official with Connor McCaffrey, a fellow basketball player and Iowa alum. Following her WNBA draft selection, Clark was spotted celebrating with her boyfriend.

Caitlin Clark and her boyfriend celebrate the WNBA draft

With the star-studded Manhattan skyline as the perfect backdrop, Clark and Iowa head coach Fran McCaffrey’s son had a round of cocktails, cheering Clark’s Overall No.1 selection.

Caitlin Clark and her boyfriend ended the day on a perfect note in a glass-encased lounge at The Fleur Room, per the Instagram story shared by Clark.

“My fav person in the world,” captioned Clark, with a picture of two cocktails and two B&W pictures of her and McCaffrey.

Even Connor McCaffrey took to his Instagram to praise his girl by posting her on his story with the caption “Welcome to Indiana” since McCaffrey is working as a team assistant for the Indiana Pacers.

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