Cameras captured the moment Kim Mulkey told Angel Reese LSU earned a No. 3 seed

On Selection Sunday, the selection committee revealed that LSU earned a top seed in the Albany 2 region. Angel Reese was so excited upon hearing the announcement that LSU earned the No. 2 seed that she started clapping and smiling.

That’s when Kim Mulkey had to break it to her that the team actually earned the No. 3. seed.

The Selection Sunday reactions have been dropping all over social media, and the LSU Lady Tigers reacting to their journey is making the rounds.

First, it was Hailey Van Lith trolling her former team for being in the same region as LSU and having to play Middle Tennessee.

Now, more footage of that moment is surfacing, and Angel Reese can be seen giddily telling Kim Mulkey and Van Lith that the Tigers were a No. 2 seed.

Kim Mulkey quickly clarifies that LSU actually has a No. 3 seed. In real time, Reese starts to understand the gravity of the situation, and her face awkwardly turns from happiness to sadness. (See the 34-second mark of the clip below.)

Loved the reactions that @sayneykid captured at LSU Sunday

– @Reese10Angel had a funny moment when finding out LSU had the 3-seed instead of the 2

– Everyone laughing w/ HVL when Louisville to BR was revealed

– Angel Reese’s genuine joy for Albany, only 5 hrs from Baltimore

— Seth Lewis (@SethLewisInc) March 18, 2024

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