Deion Sanders Applauds Dawn Staley After Shutting Off Angel Reese and Co. in SEC Championship Game: “Love Ya 2 Life Sis”

One of the most exciting battles went down on the court in the last SEC Championship game between the South Carolina Gamecocks and LSU Tigers.

The intensity of this particular women’s basketball game extended beyond regular play because a physical brawl occurred. South Carolina star Kamilla Cardoso and LSU Angel Reese took the rivalry beyond the court as they began to physically target each other, with the built-up tension ultimately leading to Cardoso being ejected from the game in the fourth quarter.

Despite the heated brawl and ejection, South Carolina, headed by 2x NCAA Division I Tournament champ coach Dawn Staley, still took home the prestigious title.

This caught the attention of many people including Deion Sanders who couldn’t hide his admiration for the 53-year-old basketball Hall of Famer. See what heartwarming message Coach Prime sent Staley’s way.

Deion Sanders lauds Dawn Staley for her incredible achievement

The SEC Tournament champion is declared and much to the joy of Deion Sanders, his “shero” Dawn Staley and the No. 1 South Carolina stood as the champions.

In his recent X post, Coach Prime had nothing but love and admiration for the women’s basketball coach. He wrote, “@dawnstaley is so good as a coach and so fly as a icon. Love ya 2 life sis. You are 1 of my SHEROES!”.

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In the last WBB game, South Carolina defeated No. 2 LSU headed by Player of the Year Angel Reese. Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville witnessed a high-impact game that led to South Carolina crushing their opponents in a 79-72 victory.

As an influential coach himself with a driving attitude for winning, this isn’t the first time that Deion Sanders has shown his support and appreciation towards the WBB Coach of the Year as she just clinched her eighth SEC Tournament victory with the Gamecocks.

Deion Sanders is a die-hard supporter of Dawn Staley!

Last November, Deion Sanders sent a video message of support to Dawn Staley ahead of her team’s matchup with Notre Dame in Paris in the “Qui-Play” game.

Coach Prime, who nearly became a basketball player himself said, “Coach Staley, I love you. I appreciate you, what you bring to those young ladies. What you’ve accomplished in life, in victory, in defeat, how classy, how strong, the bravado, the compassion, the love that you give off, it’s infectious.” South Carolina went on to win the game 100-71.

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Dawn Staley returned the appreciation to Coach Prime by showing her support and encouragement in times of adversity.

When the Buffs lost to Oregon State 26-19, she wrote to Sanders on X, “Back at you! And yeah I know you coming!! Appreciate you and love you and the impact you’re making… Stay prayed up!” Hopefully, this beautiful relationship between them on uplifting each other will continue to inspire people.

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